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The Biodesign Center for Innovations in Medicine is committed to developing technologies that could transform health care. Our developmental process involves five steps. We first perform an extensive physical economic analysis of a potential intervention. Second, we analyze the logical, versus biological, opportunities. Third, we review the history of science in the area to identify flaws in analysis. Fourth, we determine if we have an inventive idea that would transform the area. Finally, we define a critical experiment to determine if our invention is viable. This is a teachable process that we impart to students and others. In addition, we require all our inventions to create products that everyone in the world could afford.


Stephen Albert Johnston

Stephen Albert Johnston’s work focuses on innovative solutions to fundamental problems in biomedicine. Johnston has experience in basic science, notably first cloning the Gal4 gene, showing that proteins have separable functional domains, and discovering the AAA proteins and their role in transcription. Now, his focus is in translational sciences and technology development. He is the co-inventor/innovator of pathogen derived resistance, organelle transformation, the gene gun, genetic immunization, TEV protease system, expression library immunization, linear expression elements, synbodies and immunosignaturing.

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