Pathfinder Center

Our mission is to prepare educators and learners for the future by helping them find motivation and direction where education, health, technology, and sustainability meet.

What is an appropriate education for the students of today? The students we train in our laboratories and educate in our classrooms will take their places in a world that is unforeseeable to us now. It is a world created by the burden of over population, challenged by limited natural resources, threatened by a deteriorating environment and plagued by great inequality. Our students will need to be adept at finding, evaluating, using and generating new knowledge to create a better world. They will need to be creative, resilient and dedicated.

When we look back at individuals who opened new paths into our present, we find people with a vision for the future, a commitment to a mission and persistence that never gave up. In the past these people were rare since an occupation or profession would last most people for a lifetime. In the future it is likely that people will have several careers during their life that don't even exist now and that everyone will need to be a pathfinder. Our Center is dedicated to learning how to train the pathfinders of tomorrow.