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Advancing health solutions with bioinspired materials

Biomaterials innovation is poised to revolutionize therapeutics, implants, drug delivery vehicles, imaging contrast agents, surgical tools and biosensors. The structural design of these materials, made from natural sources or nature-inspired synthetics, allows scientists to shape their function to create positive health outcomes. Biomaterials can also provide scientists with more complex 3D tissue models to rapidly scale and accelerate drug testing.

The Biodesign Center for Biomaterials Innovation and Translation will transform the design, discovery and engineering of biomaterials, leading to translational technologies for advancing human health. Through collaborations with clinicians, commercial industry and other Biodesign centers, the team gathers diverse perspectives on areas of need and solutions, creating a hub for all biomaterials-related efforts.


Kaushal Rege

Kaushal Rege’s research is at the forefront of developing biomaterial and nanomaterials for tissue repair and therapeutic delivery. Rege has made notable progress with photothermal nanomaterials, using them with polymers and polypeptides to repair body tissues. His research findings have major implications for repair and regeneration of ruptured intestines, colorectal tissue and the repair of skin injuries.


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Innovating the design, fabrication and use of biomaterials leading to translational technologies for advancing human health.