The future of nature-inspired scientific innovation

The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University delivers the future of nature-inspired scientific innovation today for the betterment of human health, community safety and global sustainability.


A legacy of impact

Our scientists have created a therapy against the Ebola virus, discovered an early diagnostic for breast cancer and provided data that brought potentially harmful chemicals in personal-care products to light.

As the premier scientific research institute in the nation’s fastest-growing research university, Biodesign’s impact is accelerating. These are just a handful of ways our research is answering today’s challenges.

$2.9 billion

By 2023, Biodesign’s estimated annual impact on Arizona’s economy will reach $2.9 billion.

$760 million

Biodesign has attracted over $760 million in funding from grants as well as philanthropic and industry sources.

200+ projects

Scientists at Biodesign are undertaking research in over 200 active research projects.

ASU compact X-ray free electron laser

The compact X-ray free electron laser (CXFEL) is the first compact instrument of its kind in the world. It will provide short X-ray pulses that allow scientists to explore the structure and dynamics of nature and materials as never before. Movies of biomolecules in action, fine-resolution biomedical imaging and discoveries in quantum science will all be made possible through the ASU CXFEL.

Spotlight: Infectious disease

New study explores role of key protein in regulating infection by salmonella

Infectious diseases continue to ravage human society and remain a leading cause of illness and death worldwide. Improving therapies to treat these afflictions will require a better understanding of the intricate dance between infectious pathogens and the human cells they infect.

ASU Researchers solve a Lyme disease mystery

Researchers from the Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery advance the race for new therapeutics.

ASU teams up with Phoenix Children’s and Valleywise Health to study vaccine effectiveness vs. influenza, COVID-19

Project builds on the ongoing, year-to-year efforts by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to evaluate how well influenza vaccines perform across populations and under a range of conditions.

Connections leads to innovation

Biodesign is home to researchers from a variety of disciplines who come together to tackle some of humanity’s most complex challenges. Learn more about our ongoing work in the following areas of focus.

At the Biodesign Institute, we are committed to catching disease before it catches us. We are finding creative and clean solutions for energy, air and water. We are inventing diagnostics and treatments that are accessible and affordable. We are growing next-gen researchers who will do the impossible.

Joshua LaBaer, 2022 Executive Director, Biodesign Institute