20 years of innovative research and discoveries

The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University is a world-class research center that is making a direct and profound impact on society.


Biodesign Institute as a trusted resource

With its world-class facilities, cutting-edge technologies and a talented and diverse team of scientists and engineers, the Biodesign Institute is a trusted resource for addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. Our research and accomplishments have created a proven track record driven by a commitment to innovation, collaboration and making a real-world impact. By leveraging our expertise in biotechnology, engineering and advanced analytics, the Biodesign Institute is ready for what comes next.

$930 million

Since its formation Biodesign has attracted over $930 million in funding from grants as well as philanthropic and industry sources.

300+ projects

Scientists at Biodesign are undertaking research in over 300 active research projects.

$265 million

A 2021 Seidman Research Institute study estimated that Biodesign would have a $265 million annual impact on Arizona’s state economy.

20 years of nature-inspired research

Our accomplishments in areas such as DNA sequencing, personalized medicine and environmental sustainability, have established the institute as a world-class research center with a direct and profound impact on society.

Spotlight: 20th Anniversary

As we celebrate 20 years of scientific discovery, learn more about our rich history that is our launchpad for future discoveries in directions not yet imagined.

Founding director of ASU’s Biodesign Institute, Charles Arntzen, retires

From his roots as a fair-haired Minnesota farm boy to climbing the ladder of success in big pharma, to blazing a translational academic research path into life-saving therapies, Charles Arntzen has led one extraordinary life in science.

ASU appoints DuBois executive director of Biodesign Institute

Raymond DuBois, an internationally renowned physician-scientist whose research has advanced the understanding of the molecular basis for the prevention of colon cancer, was named executive director of Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute.

ASU appoints Josh LaBaer as new Biodesign Institute executive director

Arizona State University announced today that Joshua LaBaer, a leading researcher in cancer and personalized medicine, has been appointed the new executive director of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, effective April 1.

Connections leads to innovation

Biodesign is home to researchers from a variety of disciplines who come together to tackle some of humanity’s most complex challenges. Learn more about our ongoing work in the following areas of focus.

At the Biodesign Institute, we are committed to catching disease before it catches us. We are finding creative and clean solutions for energy, air and water. We are inventing diagnostics and treatments that are accessible and affordable. We are growing next-gen researchers who will do the impossible.

Joshua LaBaer, 2022 Executive Director, Biodesign Institute