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Tucked in the basement in the heart of the Tempe campus is the only microscope of its kind in Arizona — ASU's Titan Krios, a dedicated cryogenic transmission electron microscope (or cryo-EM) that uses flash-frozen samples to explore the complexities of cellular life.
A new study tracks over 5000 mammals to assess their susceptibility to the SARS CoV-2 virus. Animal populations could form reservoirs for the virus and allow back and forth transmission between human and non-human hosts, potentially complicating efforts to control the pandemic. Biodesign virologist Arvind Varsani joins a multi-institute team of researchers to explore the issue.
In recognition of his pioneering achievement, the American Geophysical Union has recently named Ferran Garcia-Pichel as a 2021 AGU Fellow.
ASU computational modelers unleash the power of mathematics and data science to help Arizona conquer COVID

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