The center uses varied technologies to further our research. We house one of the two ASU Advanced Light Microscopy Facilities and the sole BSL-3 biocontainment laboratory at ASU. The Bioimaging Core facility provides technology, instrumentation and expertise to meet critical research needs in optical microscopy, including state-of-the-art confocal, total internal reflection fuorescence and super-resolution. In addition, we engage virology and bacteriology research, automated sample prep, plant-based, viral and mammalian expression platforms for vaccine development and molecular biology.

Bacteriology and virology research

Our center is devoted to state-of-the-art research in platforms to produce new vaccines and therapeutics. Here, a student performs a plaque assay to determine viral titer.

Automated sample prep

We have a Beckman Coulter Biomek 4000 Workstation to offer powerful and intelligent liquid handling that adapts to changing situations and help scientists streamline workflows and automate laboratory needs.

Plant-based therapeutics and vaccines

Tobacco plants are engineered to develop protein-based therapeutics and vaccines with improved safety and efficacy to combat a variety of infectious diseases and cancer. 

Molecular biology

A suite of molecular biology tools and equipment can be used to examine DNA constructs, mRNA and protein expression. 

Support the Biodesign Center for Immunotherapy, Vaccines and Virotherapy

Designing and using vaccines and protein therapeutics to combat infectious diseases.