Biocomputing, Security and Society

Connecting biology and computer science

The Biodesign Center for Biocomputing, Security and Society translates insights between computer science and biology, with a focus on understanding and mitigating malicious behavior in complex systems.

Deep connections between biology and computation lead to surprising insights and spark novel approaches to many of today’s most pressing problems. Our areas of interest include cancer, immunogenetics, privacy and cybersecurity, internet freedom and software engineering.

Our interdisciplinary approach to these problems brings biology and computation together in new ways, blending computer science, computational biology, complex systems modeling and wet lab experiments.




Stephanie Forrest, PhD


Stephanie Forrest is a computer scientist who studies the biology of computation and computation in biology, specifically biological modeling of immunological processes and evolutionary diseases, cybersecurity, software engineering and evolutionary computation. Forrest has over 20 years’ experience leading interdisciplinary research and education programs, primarily in the intersection of biology and computation, including work on computer security, software engineering and biological modeling.

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Faculty members

Jedidiah Crandall

Associate Professor

Luis Cisneros

Assistant Research Professor

Heewook Lee

Asst Professor

Stephanie Forrest


Angelo Fortunato

Assistant Research Professor

Carlo Maley

Assoc Professor

Faculty associates

C Athena Aktipis

Theodore Pavlic

Asst Professor

Andrea Richa


Yan Shoshitaishvili

Asst Professor

Petr Sulc

Asst Professor

Ruoyu “Fish” Wang

Asst Professor

Carole-Jean Wu

Assoc Professor


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