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The ASU Biodesign Institute offers a number of resources to help keep you informed and up-to-date about our latest discoveries, awards, events and publications. 

Media contact

For all interview, photo and filming requests, contact:

Sandy Keaton Leander
Assistant Director, Media Relations
Knowledge Enterprise Strategic Marketing and Communications
(480) 727-3396
[email protected]


ASU Media Relations
[email protected]

Video and photo requests

Video and television news crews and photographers requesting to shoot footage or photos inside the Biodesign Institute must obtain prior permission from Knowledge Enterprise Strategic Marketing and Communications. Videographers and photographers must  be accompanied at all times by a member of our staff when shooting inside the Biodesign Institute research complex. If you plan to shoot only outside of the building, please alert us so that we can notify our security team.

You are required to bring a photo ID and obtain a visitor’s badge when arriving at Biodesign Institute. Depending on the location of your shoot, you may be required to wear safety goggles, a lab coat, closed toed shoes and a mask during filming. Specific requirements will be shared with you once your request to film is approved and confirmed.


To request B-roll of the Biodesign Institute or of research taking place in a specific lab, please contact us


Biodesign Institute can often provide you with photos of research activities, campuses, facilities, faculty and students. Appropriate attribution to Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University must be made on all images, including for website usage.

ASU Biodesign Institute logo

The ASU Biodesign Institute name and logo are protected under federal law and may be used only with prior permission from Knowledge Enterprise Strategic Marketing and Communications.


The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University delivers the future of nature-inspired scientific innovation today for the betterment of human health, community safety and global sustainability. Its transdisciplinary scientists are united in discovering bold solutions that directly benefit the health of our ecosystem. From individuals, to communities, to the planet, we focus on benefiting the overall health of life by turning our discoveries into technologies that are resilient, adaptive and deployable now and into the future.

Arizona State University, ranked No. 1 “Most Innovative School” in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for seven years in succession, has forged the model for a New American University by operating on the principles that learning is a personal and original journey for each student; that they thrive on experience and that the process of discovery cannot be bound by traditional academic disciplines. Through innovation and a commitment to accessibility, ASU has drawn pioneering researchers to its faculty even as it expands opportunities for qualified students.