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Cheating death: How cancer cells escape

In a groundbreaking study, researchers including ASU’s Judith Klein-Seetharaman have identified a dual role in the intricate dance of…

ASU researchers develop DNA nanodevice for targeted cancer, disease treatment

A research team led by ASU Professor Hao Yan has developed a DNA nanodevice that can selectively target cancer cells and deliver specific…

ASU study: Mutations in critical gene may steer health outcomes in breast cancer

Despite enormous progress, breast cancer remains elusive, perplexing and, often, deadly. The disease can emerge due to a complex interplay of factors, including lifestyle, environment, aging and genetic predisposition.

Biodesign in the news

Deadly opioids detected in US wastewater for the first time

The US wastewater samples were collected over nine days between December 2022 and January 2023 and analyzed by ASU. See what was found.

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Associations of infant feeding, sleep and weight gain with the toddler gut microbiome

Findings from this study suggest that early life nutrition, sleeping patterns and growth rate in infancy may influence the gut microbiome composition.

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Power and governance in the age of AI

The challenges of AI are not new. Many of the most pressing concerns related to AI highlight familiar digital disruptions that governance has failed to address

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Is it safe to microwave food?

There’s nothing risky about microwave radiation – but there are health concerns about heating up plastic.

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Researcher’s microscale tech is chipping away at cancer, organ failure and neurological disease

For outstanding contributions to engineering of biomimetic tissue-on-chip technologies and organoids for disease modeling and regenerative medicine, Mehdi Nikkhah was inducted as a

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