Software and datasets

Most of our software and datasets are freely available to the public, and some are more mature than others. They range from cybersecurity prototypes to computational models of biological processes.

Border Gateway Protocol

The Border Gateway Protocol – Simulation, Analysis and Storage is a set of software tools for generating BGP routing trees and calculating chokepoint potential.

The team’s 2019 paper defines a method for characterizing how the autonomous systems topology is organized in terms of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) paths that can carry traffic across international boundaries. The datasets include data spanning several years, allowing longitudinal analysis of how the AS topology has changed through time.

Kirtus G. Leyba, Benjamin Edwards, Cynthia Freeman, Jedidiah R. Crandall, Stephanie Forrest: Borders and gateways: measuring and analyzing national AS chokepoints. COMPASS 2019: 184-194 PDF

Our pregenerated routing trees and source code are open source and available at

  • Routing tree datasets. Routing tree data for entire autonomous system graph, computed monthly from 2009-2018 Google Drive
  • Software source code at Github

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