Biodesign Center for Single Molecule Biophysics

Measuring single molecules in the context of cells and tissue

Single molecule biophysics lies at the confluence of molecular medicine and nanotechnology. Nanotechnology allows researchers to study the physical processes on which life is based using the simplest model systems – those that exist on the level of a single molecule or several molecules, but also to unravel fundamental biological processes on the cellular and tissue level. Doing so allows for a better understanding of gene regulation, molecular and cellular signaling, molecular transport in cells and tissue, and will lead to improved biosensors and other new technologies.


Stuart Lindsay, PhD


Stuart Lindsay is a pioneer of atomic force microscopy, particularly relating to imaging and chemical analysis in water. His research focuses on nanoscale chemical mapping, applications of nanoscience for sustainable energy, new techniques for DNA and protein sequencing based on electron tunneling, and nanoscale probes of epigenetic markings and cell biochemistry.

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Stuart Lindsay


Robert Ros


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