Michael Gaskin

Sr Director, Knowledge Enterprise Facilities
FDM FM KE Facilities Svcs
Biodesign Facilities Department
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Arizona State University

Location: TEMPE

Contact Information
(480) 727-2005


Mike Gaskin is a Senior Director at ASU and Chief Scientific Operations Officer for the Biodesign Institute.  Mike holds a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Vassar College and has twenty years of experience with expertise in research operations, biomedical technology sales, product development, and manufacturing. As the Biodesign Institute?s first Chief Scientific Operations Officer, Gaskin?s focus is coordinating laboratory operations.  Mike is also the Director of Operations and Automation Scientist for the Center for Personalized Diagnostics at the Biodesign Institute where he is responsible for the daily operations of the Center, automation needs, as well as, oversight of the Genomics CORE, NAPPA CORE, Cloning Production, and Software Engineering teams within the Center.  Mike has previously held positions throughout industry, including Motorola, Amersham, GE Healthcare, and Beckman-Coulter.