Greer Dolby

Asst Research Professor (FSC)
Sols Administration & Faculty
BDI Associate Faculty
Biodesign ME

Location: TEMPE

Contact Information


Boston University  B.A. 1. Earth Sciences  2. Biology w/ Spec. Conservation & Ecology  2008

University of California, Los Angeles  M.S. Biology 2013

University of California, Los Angeles  Ph.D. Biology 2015

Research Interests

Driving questions:

" What geo-climatic processes most drive speciation over recent and deep time?

" What is the range of organismal responses to a set of shared extrinsic forces?

" How can we quantitatively integrate disparate types of data (among geology, physics, biology)?

" How can we compare genomic divergence signatures across disparate types of organisms?


Ongoing research projects:

(1) sea-level change and diversification of coastal species

(2) speciation and geo-climatic evolution of the southwest

(3) psuedocongruence and evolutionary inference in geo-climatically complex regions.

(4) quantification of extrinsic evolutionary forces


I'm an evolutionary biologist studying the co-evolutionary nature of Earth and life. I work at the interface of physical and biological processes across timescales; with training in geology and biology I choose projects motivated by this basic question: how does the physical evolution of Earth drive speciation and the diversity of life we see today?