Anton Sachs

High School Volunteer
Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology
Contact Information


Arizona State University; 4.0 GPA

Glendale Community College, AZ; 52 credits; 4.0 GPA

Research Interests

Past Project

Microbial Metabolic Exploration (MME)

Project T (see URL)

Evaluated the Effect of pH on Microbial Hexavalent Chromium Bioremediation


Current Research Interests


Human Biology

Biomedical Sciences




I am interested in the connection between biology and medicine. As a result, my ultimate goal is to pursue an M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies and Ph.D. in Biology to be both a practitioner and a professor. I am currently working on my B.S. in Biology: Pharmacology and Toxicology at ASU West. I want to become a medical scribe and a research assistant while I finish up my baccalaureate.