Amar Thaker

Grad Research Associate
Sch Engr Matter Trnsprt Energy
Graduate Student
Applied Structural Discovery

Location: TEMPE

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B.E honours in Chemical Engineering

I decided to do my bachelors in chemical engineering as it provided a gate to a wider range of research fields in future. After working hard to get admitted to the top private university of my country, BITS Pilani (acceptance rate < 1.5%), I got interested in the field of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology deals with understanding the physics and chemistry at the nanometer level. (i.e 10^-9 m or 1/100000th the width of a paper).


M.S.E in Nanotechnology

To get the best training in this advanced field, I decided to apply to universities in the United States. I got admitted to the top-ranking school in this field, Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, PA. With their state-of-art Singh Center for Nanotechnology, I got trained in nanofabrication, nanoscience, micro-electro-mechanical systems and biological fields like drug discovery and development.


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Learning that there is still a lot left to be learned about the biological system (Trivia: Recently researchers found a new major organ in human body unknown before, Interstitium), I decided to stir my academic ambition toward molecular biology, while bringing my past experience in nanotechnology along with me.

I joined Arizona State University as it provided me with a full scholarship and awarded University Graduate Fellowship for excellence in credential and potential success. At Arizona State University, I am guided by Dr Brent Nannenga in the field of protein engineering. I developed skillset of molecular biology like recombinant DNA synthesis, protein purification, cloning, mutagenesis and DNA sequencing. I have presented my research through oral presentation and poster presentation at three research conferences last year (2017). I am trained and licensed for using atomic-level-high-resolution Transmission Electron Microscope: Titan 300/80 (FEI).


I am driven by my passion to scientifically understand the world around me. Picking up a complex idea and breaking it down into simple first-principle-concepts is where my unique abilities lie. With my abilities, I have acquired a wide range of knowledge in physical as well as biological sciences through my multi-disciplinary education. I am currently focusing my expertise in how biological building blocks of all life forms, proteins, are able to interact with inorganic metal ions. This project excites me as at an intersection of two domains of well-established sciences.  

 I have a strong personal and work ethics. Being an extrovert, I am energized in being in the company of people with similar interest. People close to me describe me as very level headed, easy going, but a bit clumsy (oops!) Through unique advantage that my personality and education bring, following page will give a better understanding of what I bring to the team I join in future.