Biodesign Pathfinder Center

Preparing students and educators for the future

Today’s students are entering a world with such rapid technological change that it is impossible to learn the information and skills in college needed to succeed several decades from now. The world students face is one of depleted natural resources, environmental degradation and profound inequality. The question that drives the Pathfinder Center is, “What is an appropriate education for students in our era?” According to ASU President Michael Crow, the learner of today must be capable of understanding anything, moving seamlessly between disciplines and collaborating with others with the goal of innovation.




Leland “Lee” Hartwell, PhD


Lee Hartwell leads a program devoted to educational research in Science, Sustainability and middle school teacher professional development. He received the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Director, Research & Development

Annie Hale, PhD


Annie Hale’s research spans education for sustainability, science and technology studies, the use of innovative technologies to improve learning experiences, design from a human-centered approach, and transformations in higher education. She directs a portfolio of educational programs that inspire, engage, and empower various publics, from educators to community leaders.

Associate members

Leanna Archambault

Associate Professor


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