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Spotlight: Infectious disease

New study explores role of key protein in regulating infection by salmonella

Infectious diseases continue to ravage human society and remain a leading cause of illness and death worldwide. Improving therapies to treat these afflictions will require a better understanding of the intricate dance between infectious pathogens and the human cells they infect.

ASU Researchers solve a Lyme disease mystery

Researchers from the Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery advance the race for new therapeutics.

ASU teams up with Phoenix Children’s and Valleywise Health to study vaccine effectiveness vs. influenza, COVID-19

Project builds on the ongoing, year-to-year efforts by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to evaluate how well influenza vaccines perform across populations and under a range of conditions.

Biodesign in the news

Turning cow waste into biogas is a hot investment. Is it also a climate solution?

Federal funds will boost to climate-smart agriculture and renewable energy projects, but critics say the solutions favor mega farms and corporations.

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ASU is building a ‘revolutionary’ X-ray that can glimpse atomic structures

ASU is building a ‘revolutionary’ X-ray in the Biodesign Institute Building C that can glimpse atomic structures and advance science and medicine.

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ASU receives $90M grant for particle accelerator X-ray research

ASU will build a second particle accelerator with the grant. ASU scientists say its usefulness for research is endless, including COVID-19 and cancer research.

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ASU to build the world’s first Compact X-ray Free Electron Laser

The National Science Foundation has awarded Arizona State University $90.8 million to build the world’s first Compact X-ray Free Electron Laser (CXFEL).

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New developments for cancer vaccine underway

Calviri, Inc. is a biotech startup that spun out of Arizona State University Biodesign Institute. It is focused on prevention and treatment of cancer.

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Microbes in your food can help or hinder your body’s defenses against cancer – how diet influences the conflict between cell ‘cooperators’ and ‘cheaters’

The microbes living in your food can affect your risk of cancer. While some help your body fight cancer, others help tumors evolve and grow.

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