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When the virus SARS-CoV-2 appeared in Arizona, we sprang into action to protect our community. We have partnered with the state to provide multiple Arizona public testing sites. 

  • Clinically approved, CLIA-certified COVID-19 testing center.
  • First in Arizona to offer COVID-19 testing using saliva samples.
  • Easy-to-use participant and admin website portal.
  • Case tracking system.

Ours is the first lab in the western United States to offer public saliva testing to identify the presence of COVID-19. COVID-19 saliva testing is accurate, less invasive, less labor intensive and requires less medical personnel.

We are proud to be a CAP-certified laboratory. Our CAP number is 8948877.

COVID-19 testing performed throughout Arizona and Four Corners

Sample processing through automation

We’ve completed a $40 million project with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority using real-time polymerase chain reaction and automation.

Through this project, our team of experts demonstrated their capability to process 2,400 samples in 24 hours. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have repurposed existing equipment and personnel to accelerate testing.

ASU’s Biodesign Clinical Testing Lab has developed a federally validated and approved diagnostic test, known commercially as qPCR, to quickly and accurately detect coronavirus for individuals who may be currently experiencing COVID symptoms.

Our results have been verified. In three sets of deidentified patient samples, our results match 100% with reference clinical laboratories.


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A dose of facts

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