Pioneers Circle

Pioneers Circle

Accelerating discovery through philanthropy

The Pioneers Circle is comprised of science enthusiasts, curious knowledge-seekers, and committed philanthropic supporters who invest in Biodesign’s groundbreaking research.

Become part of the Biodesign Institute team. Together, our solutions will impact people and our planet for generations to come.

Biodesign’s scientifically diverse teams are remarkably successful in securing funding for their research from government and industry partners. However, grants do not cover all research-related expenses and are often earmarked for specific aspects of a project.

Philanthropy empowers our faculty and students with the flexibility they need to bolster their efforts and reach bold research goals.

Biodesign Pioneers will receive:

  • Access to exclusive discussions with our leaders and scientists
  • VIP seating at the annual Arntzen Grand Challenges event
  • Sneak peeks and updates on our research discoveries
  • Opportunities for behind-the-scenes Biodesign tours

With a gift of $1,000 or more annually, Pioneers Circle members can direct their support to any of the following areas:


Sustainability and the environment

Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases


Student scholarships and training

Area of greatest need

"Scientists at the Biodesign Institute are dedicated to tackling the biggest threats facing humanity and our planet. This requires ingenuity, creativity and a level of risk-taking that traditional funders shy away from. By joining the Pioneers Circle, individual donors are uniquely positioned to fuel these discoveries with the most valuable source of funding: investments that allow our teams of world-renowned researchers and emerging scientists to pursue unconventional ideas and translate their findings into accessible inventions, affordable therapies and actionable solutions."

Joshua LaBaer, MD, PhD, Executive Director, Biodesign Institute at ASU

To learn more about the Biodesign Institute Pioneers Circle, contact
Elizabeth Muncal at, 816-294-6238 or
Kerri Robinson at, 480-727-7577.