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Partner with us

The Biodesign Institute relentlessly pursues new discoveries with the goal of improving human health, environmental sustainability and global security. Partners in industry help form the bridge between this valuable knowledge and the products or outcomes that produce change in the real world. Working with us is a chance to get involved in — and enhance — our impact.

Our efforts range from early-stage exploratory research, where the eventual application is uncertain, to mature projects that are ready for clinical trials, development or spin-out company launches.

Biodesign’s investment framework focuses on the development and commercialization of its research. It also provides an avenue for collaborations that result in products, clinical practices and agency program outcomes.


AZ jobs added yearly*


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Embedded support teams

Lack of available funding has caused promising technologies to languish, unable to overcome barriers to their translation and commercialization. Biodesign has developed several vehicles to cross this “valley of death.” 

In conjunction with Skysong Innovations, Biodesign is proactively discovering matches between its research output and important products and services. We do this by connecting commercialization experts with our researchers to figure out which technology platforms have promise as commercial products. Our aim is to significantly increase the number of invention disclosures and commercialization outcomes from Biodesign’s research.

*Estimates are from L. William Seidman Research Institute report, 2021