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Developing a versatile biomimetic toolbox

Biomimetics, or biomimicry, is the emulation of materials, systems or processes found in nature to help solve challenges in health care, national security and energy.

The Biodesign Center for Molecular Design and Biomimetics is designing biomimetic materials at the molecular level to develop a versatile biomimetic toolbox. Our immediate goal is to engineer an array of intelligent materials spanning scales from angstrom to macro. We are laying the foundation for a new field of research informally referred to as “angstrom technology.” The power of information-coded angstrom technology, a transformative extension of nanotechnology, lies in the potential to mimic nature’s way of controlling molecular interactions with angstrom spatial resolution.


Hao Yan

Hao Yan’s research is highly interdisciplinary, combining chemistry, biology, physics and material science. His research themes include structural DNA nanotechnology and DNA-directed self-assembly. The research center he leads aims to achieve programmed design and assembly of biologically inspired nanomaterials. Together, the team explores applications for these materials in nanoelectronics, controlled macromolecular interactions and biosensing.

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