Chemical and biosensors, non-invasive sensors, sensor integration, wireless and lab-on-cell-phone sensors, microfluidics.

We bridge gaps between science and real world needs, by transforming new fundamental chemical sensing principles and into real solutions.  We develop low cost, portable, and easy-to-use chemical sensors that can empower users with minimal training to perform simple diagnosis. Our devices can report chemical biomarkers non-invasively, and pollutants’ exposure.

Our chemical engineering efforts focus on the creation of: 1- sensitive and selective chemical sensors, 2- smart sample collection systems, 3- unambiguous calibration methods, 4-hybrid sensing platforms, including electrical, electrochemical, mechanical and optical signal transductions to achieve results that a single sensor alone cannot deliver.

We collaborate with other groups in different engineering fields to create system-level approach sensing devices that optimize functions from sample collection and sensing elements to signal processing and communication to deliver a complete solution to real-world problems. In our work, we tight these capabilities to modern mobile devices. We also work tightly with epidemiologists, and healthcare professionals to validate our chemical sensors and ensure they provide meaningful results.

Our mission as engineers is to create, develop, test, validate and deliver chemical sensors to help people to take responsibility and ownership of theirs health and environment.