DNA Synthesis Facility

The DNA Synthesis Facility provides a variety of nucleic acid types to meet various needs, such as gene fragment synthesis, Gibson assembly and mutagenic scanning libraries, among others.


DNA Synthesis Facility services:

  1. Linear DNA fragments: 32 different fragments can be synthesized simultaneously of lengths 300-1800bp. All DNA fragments produced are processed with proprietary error correction, resulting in the lowest error rates available at 1:10,000-30,000.
  2. Long fragment DNA synthesis: 300-7200bp fragments can be produced; these fragments are also compatible with our automated Gibson assembly protocol.
  3. Gibson assembly: The DNA fragments produced can be taken through our automated Gibson assembly protocol. The protocol supports up to four vectors at a time with either one or two fragment cloning.
  4. Transfection grade DNA: 1-24 DNA fragments of size 300-1800bp Gibson assembled and subjected to RapidAMP amplification will yield more than nine micrograms of transfection grade DNA.
  5. mRNA synthesis: With 1-16 samples at a time of size 300-1800bp will yield 1-10 micrograms of mRNA. Includes poly-A tails.
  6. Barcoding and protein scanning libraries: Essentially no upper-limit as to the amount of variation found in the sequences through the use of IUPAC nucleotide coding. Minimum size of fragments is 300bp.​


Codex DNA BioXp 3200

How to order:

First, create and place an order with Codex DNA before submitting to the DNA Synthesis Lab.

Orders from Codex should be shipped to:

1001 S. McAllister Avenue
Biodesign Institute Building A (BDA)
Tempe, AZ 85281
ATTN: Stikeleather MC BDC436

Completed orders, or Gibson-ready vectors can be picked up or dropped off from:

Biodesign C430 Linear Equipment Freezer
Biodesign Institute Building C (BDC)
797 E. Tyler St.
Tempe, AZ 85281