Get involved

There are several ways you can be involved in the ASU CXFEL project.

Donate to the ASU CXFEL

When you donate to the CXFEL project, you will play a role in creating a revolutionary X-ray laser anticipated to be the first of its kind in the world. You will be advancing discovery in medicine, clean energy, quantum computing and more. And you will be helping train students in cutting-edge science.

Contact Elizabeth Muncal at or visit the Biodesign giving page.

Give a gift

Schedule experimental  time at the instruments

The research team at the Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery is working to create instruments that can be widely available to researchers at hospitals and universities, accelerating our understanding of such maladies as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, blindness and infections.

While our accelerators are in development, contact the team to learn about anticipated time arrangements for experiments.

Explore jobs at the CXFEL

The ASU CXFEL project often hires staff, faculty and students with can-do attitudes who appreciate working on a technical project that promises tremendous impact. Job seekers wanting to make a difference with their work should check back regularly for job openings.

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