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DNASU Plasmid Repository

DNASU Plasmid Repository is a central repository for plasmid clones and collections located within the Virginia G. Piper Biodesign Center for Personalized Diagnostics.

Currently the repository stores and distributes over 260,000 plasmids including 75,000 human and mouse plasmids, full genome collections, the protein expression plasmids from the Protein Structure Initiative as the PSI: Biology Material Repository (PSI:Biology-MR), and both small and large collections from individual researchers. The repository is also a founding member and distributor of the ORFeome Collaboration plasmid collection.

DNASU Plasmid Repository services:

  • Order and ship sequence verified plasmids
  • Receive collections from researchers for verification and distribution
  • Custom cloning – gene synthesis, Gateway-based cloning and vector development
  • High throughput DNA preparation

Search options for DNASU:

  • Collections (sets of plasmids offered together at discounted price)
  • Empty Vector (browse by vector characteristics such as tags or promoter)
  • Blast (nucleotide or protein sequence)
  • Author (person, institution, consortium)


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