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Karen Denzler, PhD

Senior BioDesign Researcher

The Biodesign Institute, Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology




  • Arndt W, Mitnik C, Denzler KL, White S, Waters R, Jacobs BL, Rochon Y, Olson VA, Damon IK, and JO Landland.  In vitro characterization of a nineteenth-century therapy for smallpox. PloS One 7(3): e32610, 2012.


  • Denzler KL, Rice AD, MacNeill AL, Fukushima N, Lindsey SF, Wallace G, Burrage AM, Smith AJ, Manning BR, Swetnam DM, Gray SA, Moyer RW, and BL Jacobs.  The NYCBH vaccinia virus deleted for the innate immune evasion gene, E3L, protects rabbits against lethal challenge by rabbitpox virus. Vaccine 29(44):7659-7669, 2011.
  • Denzler KL, Schriewer J, Parker S, Werner C, Hartzler H, Hembrador E, Huynh T, Holechek S, Buller RM, and BL Jacobs.  The attenuated NYCBH vaccinia virus deleted for the immune evasion gene, E3L, competely protects mice against heterologous challenge with ectromelia virus.  Vaccine 29(52):9691-9696, 2011.
  • Denzler KL, Babas T, Rippeon A, Huynh T, Fukushima N, Rhodes L, Silvera PM, and BL Jacobs.  The attenuated NYCBH vaccinia virus deleted for the immune evasion gene, E3L, partially protects macaques against challenge with monkeypox virus. Vaccine 29(52):9684-9690, 2011.
  • Kibler KV, Gomez CE, Perdiguero B, Wong S, Huynh T, Holechek S, Arndt W, Jimenez V, Gonzalez-Sanz R, Denzler K, Haddad EK, Wagner R, Sekaly RP, Tartaglia J, Pantaleo G, Jacobs BL, and M Esteban. Improved NYVAC-based vaccine vectors. PLoS One 6(11): e25674, 2011.


  • Denzler KL, Waters R, Jacobs BL, Rochon Y, and JO Langland.  Regulation of inflammatory gene expression in PBMCs by immunostimulatory botanicals. PLoS One 5(9): e12561, 2010.


  • Jacobs BL, Langland JO, Kibler KV, Denzler KL, White SD, Holechek SA, Wong S, Huynh T, and CR Baskin.  Vaccinia virus vaccines: past, present and future. Antiviral Research 84(1):1-13, 2009.

Selected Publications


  • Karen Denzler, W Wu, S Hazen, G Gleich, J Lee, N Lee, M Borchers, G Cieslewicz, E Hines, J Justice, S Cormier, K Lindenberger, W Song. Extensive eosinophil degranulation and peroxidase-mediated oxidation of airway proteins do not occur in a mouse ovalbumin-challenge model of pulmonary inflammation. Journal of Immunology (2001) Refereed Articles.


  • Karen Denzler, S Farmer, J Crosby, M Borchers, G Cieslewicz, K Larson, S Cormier-Regard, N Lee, J Lee. Eosinophil major basic protein-1 does not contribute to allergen-induced airway pathologies in mouse models of asthma. Journal of Immunology (2000) Refereed Articles.
  • M Macias, K Welch, Karen Denzler, K Larson, N Lee, J Lee. Identification of a new murine eosinophil major basic protein (mMBP) gene: cloning and characterization of mMBP-2. Journal of Leukocyte Biology (2000) Refereed Articles.