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Jeffrey Langland

Assistant Professor Research

The Biodesign Institute, Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology

Selected Publications


  • Jacobs, B., Langland, J., Kibler, K., Denzler, K., Holecheck, S., White, S., Lanzter, S., Huynh, T., and Baskin, C.. Safety and efficacy of poxvirus vaccines and vaccine vectors: Is safer always better?. Virology Research (2008) Refereed Articles.
  • Jentarra GM, Heck MC, Youn JW, Kibler K, Langland JO, Baskin CR, Ananieva O, Chang Y, Jacobs BL. Vaccine.. Vaccinia viruses with mutations in the E3L gene as potential replication-competent, attenuated vaccines: scarification vaccination. Vaccine. (2008) Refereed Articles.
  • Langland, J., Waters, R., and Rochon, Y.. Metabolic genetic expression analysis of Astragalus sp. herbal extract on ex vivo immuno-stimulated human peripheral blood mononuclear cells.. Int. J. Nat. Med., AANP Convention Proceedings, (2008) Refereed Articles.
  • Langland, J., Waters, R., Jacobs, B., Rochon, Y., Denzler, K.. Regulation of immune gene expression by immuno-modulatory botanicals.. J. Immunology (2008) Refereed Articles.