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Fall class of faculty and new centers boost Biodesign research endeavors

September 13, 2017

With the start of the fall semester and official launch of the 2017-2018 ASU academic year underway, the Biodesign Institute is pleased to welcome two new center directors and eleven faculty joining its rapidly expanding research enterprise. Recently, the Biodesign Institute celebrated Biodesign C's Topping Out ceremony, and watched the last beam – replete with hundreds of Biodesign employee signatures and well-wishes – lofted atop the framework and into prosperity. With this...

Method for cleansing waste urine could see it used as a fertiliser

March 1, 2017

US researchers have demonstrated that biochar, essentially burnt plants, can remove pharmaceuticals from urine waste streams. The findings could help recycle urine into agricultural fertilizers. Human urine is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus – just what plants need. However, human urine can also contain pharmaceuticals, the release of which cause worrying developmental effects in aquatic ecosystems, hampering its use as a fertilizer. While some wastewater treatment plants recover...