Tim Long’s research group focuses on establishing fundamental structure-property-processing relationships for advanced macromolecules, enabling impact in advanced technologies ranging from cancer therapies to 3D printed polyimides for aerospace.  

The team employs a range of synthetic methods for the design of novel polymers, including advances in step-growth polymerization of engineering polymers, controlled radical polymerization for tailored macromolecular architecture, block and graft copolymers, ion-containing polymer design and segmented copolymers. 

The lab’s materials platforms include polyesters, polyurethanes, polysulfones, polyimides, acrylic copolymers and siloxanes. Although the Long team is recognized for interdisciplinary synthetic design, it also focuses on advanced characterization of thermomechanical and rheological properties of polymers.

During the past five years, Long and his colleagues have designed advanced macromolecules for 3D printing with a focus on the balance of reactivity, rheology and resolution of printed objects.