Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Center Director & Professor, Biodesign Center for Sustainable Macromolecular Material and Manufacturing


Tim Long is the center director of the Biodesign Center for Sustainable Macromolecular Materials and Manufacturing. He earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from St. Bonaventure University in New York and conducted his doctoral studies at Virginia Tech.

Long leads the integration of fundamental research in novel macromolecular structure and polymerization processes with the development of high-performance macromolecules for advanced technologies, taking full advantage 3D printing techniques to drive sustainable production of unprecedented material designs. This work is expected to impact drug delivery, sustainable feedstocks, stimuli-responsive polymers, adhesives and elastomers using the techniques of block copolymers, engineering polymers, controlled polymerization and biomaterials needed for improving health and energy storage and production. 

The Biodesign Center for Sustainable Macromolecular Materials and Manufacturing focuses on the principles of green chemistry utilizing click chemistry for efficient functionalization, solvent-free polymerization processes, design of degradable polymers and development of sustainable precursors for polymer production.