Geronimo Campanile

Hazardous handling station

This portable station comes complete with a glove box and hydrogen flame station.


Brianne Cooks

AFM instrumentation

For molecular imaging, several atomic force microscopes have been custom-built for the SMB center.


Tina Esquerra

Reconfigurable, flexible research space

Within the main lab are sample preparation benches, gatan ion-beam coater, oxygen plasma, UV ozone cleaner, optical microscopes, Shimadzu UV-Vis spectrophotometer, and UVP BioImaging systems




Gwyddion (

Summary: Gwyddion is a free software application designed to perform a wide assortment of post-processing and analysis operations on SPM (scanning probe microscopy) data. Supported operating systems include Windows 2000/XP, and many distributions of Linux.

Install Instructions: You need two setup programs to install Gwyddion. The first one is for GTK and can be found here. Install this program first. The install wizard should be straight forward. The second setup program is for Gwyddion itself. The latest Windows version, 2.1, can be found here. After installing Gwyddion, you should see it show up in your Start menu.

Chromatin Analysis Platform Launcher for Gwyddion (Download)

Summary: Allows Gwyddion users to launch CAP directly from within Gwyddion. This launcher is required if you intend to use CAP with Gwyddion instead of SPIP.

Install Instructions: Unzip the “CAP Gwyddion” file. Open the included “install instructions.txt” file, and follow those instructions to complete the installation.

Program for IE and IV measurement in electrolyte (Download)