Graduate Support

Research assistantships as part of the NSF and NIH supported programs in the lab. In addition, we take students from the IGERT program as well as the Physics, Chemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology and Materials programs on campus.

If you are particularly interested in one of the research areas described on this page and think you may be qualified for immediate support as a Research Assistant, send your resume to me early in the application cycle of the department in which you would want to complete you Ph.D. (check the links above). E-mail me at: explaining why you’d like to work in the lab and describing any special experience. We can offer waiver of out of state tuition, pay in-state tuition for you and top up the standard graduate assistantships substantially in the summer (Similar support packages are available through the IGERT program in biomolecular devices).

You’ll also need to be accepted into one of the Ph.D. degree programs on campus. The one’s I’ve interacted with are listed above, but I’m open to suggestions!