Rizal Hariadi

Rizal Hariadi

Assistant Professor, Biodesign Center for Molecular Design and Biomimetics
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
Associate Faculty, Biodesign Center for Mechanisms of Evolution


Rizal Hariadi joined Arizona State University in 2016 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and the Biodesign Institute where he established BIOmolecular Nanomachines with ever–Increasing Complexity and Size (BIONICS) Laboratory. His passion for science began with an enlightening experience in the Indonesian Physics Olympiad team, leading to his undergraduate degrees at Washington State University followed by a Ph.D. at California Institute of Technology. There, Rizal focused on the non-equilibrium dynamics of DNA nanotubes and the hydrodynamics of bursting bubbles under the guidance of Erik Winfree and Bernard Yurke. He subsequently completed postdoctoral research in single-molecule biophysics at both the University of Michigan with Sivaraj Shivaramakrishnan and the Wyss Institute at Harvard University with Peng Yin. Currently, his interdisciplinary team at Arizona State University develops precision tools from the molecular to centimeter-scale for bottom-up reconstruction of mechanical systems involved in disease pathogenesis. Along the way, the lab immerses itself in the mystery of the origin of life and develops frugal technologies in the global health context for resource-poor settings. Rizal is the recipient of an Arizona Biomedical Research Commission New Investigator Award and an NIH Director's New Innovator Award. 

Integral to his research program is the creation of an inclusive research laboratory that consists of 1 high-school, 8 undergraduate, and 3 graduate students, and a comic illustrator from a diverse array of backgrounds and career goals. 

His lab is seeking motivated postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students for theoretical or experimental work. If interested, please see www.rizalhariadi.com and contact rhariadi@asu.edu.