How saliva testing works


The test requires spitting into a straw and the saliva collects in a tube. Watch a video of the testing experience.

Video transcript:

In order to take a sample of saliva for COVID-19 testing, we are going to use a straw to funnel spit into a sample vial. With these sample vials, we're going to gently unscrew the cap and place the cap aside with the inside portion facing upwards on a flat surface where the cap will not roll away. Then, we will open the straw, take the straw out, insert one side of the straw into the sample vial, and then we will work up saliva in our mouth, and use the straw to deliver saliva into the sample vial.

Now, the important note here is that saliva tends to be very bubbly. You can see there's a lot of foam here as I'm putting the saliva sample in. What we need is the liquidity portion. The foam doesn't count towards that saliva sample. If you need to, you can take the straw and gently wiggle it around to help pop some of the foam. It's not going to do a whole lot, but it will help to decrease the amount of foam at the top just a little bit.

Now, when you're done, you want to gently pull the straw away and make sure that you're not dripping saliva on the outside of the tube and dispose of the straw in a proper trashcan. Have to hold on to that in your car. Please do not throw that on the side of the road. We don't want to be litterbugs. Now, we will take the cap and just put the cap on top and gently screw it in until it feels nice and snug. No need to use all of your strength. Just finger tight is solid, makes a good seal.

The sample is ready to hand over to the sample site personnel and be sent off to the testing team for analysis