NAPPA Tracking Database

Development Team: Michael Fiacco, Shodhan Manda, Jennifer Viloria, Fernanda Festa, Ph.D., and Garrick Wallstrom, Ph.D.

The web-based NAPPA Tracking System manages key data and information throughout the NAPPA process including: sample management, slide production, experiment results, data analysis and visualization. The sample management module provides direct access to the DNASU Repository and FLEXgene database to access plasmids targeted for the NAPPA microarray platform. Processes to grow the clones on 96-well plates, store glycerol stocks on 96-well plates (for re-growth later), prepare and quantify DNA are tracked and detailed results recorded in the NAPPA relational database. The software is fully integrated with the DNA Factory to provide tracking of each step in DNA purification and quantification (see workflow of the DNA purification step below). The slide production module provides a visual tool to help researchers rapidly design and build high-density, microarrays and generate the robot programs needed to produce these microarray slides in a high-throughput environment. The experiment results module helps scientists to design effective NAPPA experiments and to track high-throughput results. The final module provides powerful data analysis and visualization tools to enable researchers to effectively glean information from the vast data repository to help ensure high quality experiments and accelerate research. Learn more about our NAPPA technology here.