High Sensitivity NAPPA Arrays

Team: Mitchell Magee, Ph.D.

Collaborators: Meso Scale Discovery

We have also been working with researchers at the company Meso Scale Discovery to reconfigure NAPPA to improve the sensitivity of signal detection. Meso Scale has created a new system that can detect signals using electrochemiluminescence (see figure), which means that the signal isn’t produced until stimulated by an electrochemical reaction. The benefit of this system is that it decreases background, and thus increases the signal to noise ratio, making it easier to detect binding of autoantibodies and differences between cases and control in NAPPA, for example. We are currently testing the NAPPA technology (i.e., spotting DNA and making protein in the Meso Scale wells) by spotting 4 spots of different DNA and detecting signal using electrochemiluminescence to see if the technologies are compatible. Future experiments will test if this system can be expanded for high throughput assays. If so, this system could significantly increase the sensitivity of our NAPPA assays to better identify biomarkers for disease and provide a potential tool for in the clinic assays.