DNASU Plasmid Repository

Distribution: Joseph Miceli, Ph.D.

Development and Bioinformatics: Michael Fiacco, Jin Park, Ph.D., Amit Sharma, and Preston Hunter

Collections of plasmids, including empty vectors and those with gene inserts, are an invaluable resource to the research community, saving researchers time and money and thus expediting a variety of biological and biomedical experimental applications. The DNASU Plasmid Repository provides centralized archival and distribution for plasmids created within our laboratory, by consortia (such as the Protein Structure Initiative and the ORFeome Collaboration), and by individual laboratories. All researchers are invited to submit their own clones to DNASU for distribution to other labs. >> VISIT DNASU WEBSITE

DNASU distributes over 197,000 plasmids plasmids including empty expression vectors, over 10,000 human genes, including collections of human kinases and 1,000 breast cancer-related genes, 1,400 glyco-enzyme containing plasmids, and over 80,000 protein expression plasmids from the PSI:Biology structural genomics effort. Through our recently redesigned website, researchers can search or browse our collection using our five search options or six new browse features which include an interactive vector browse and a collection browse that displays plasmids annotated by SMART domains. Detailed information about each plasmid such as the full-length sequence, vector information, a dynamic vector map, and associated publications can be found directly on the website. Each plasmid also links to external resources (see image below for an example of search results), including the PSI Structural Biology Knowledgebase facilitating cross-referencing of plasmids to additional protein annotations and experimental data. With the added biological focus in PSI:Biology, the distribution of these materials will help researchers expand the knowledge of the role of proteins both in normal biological processes and in disease.

To receive plasmids, researchers request plasmids directly online through DNASU. To expedite and simplify plasmid requests, the repository has developed and uses an expedited material transfer agreement (EP-MTA) network, where researchers from network institutions can order and receive plasmids without institutional delays. Typical turnaround is less than 7 business days. We have implemented a re-charge system, managed by DNASU, to offset the handling fees associated with preparing and sending plasmids. DNASU distributes plasmids to all researchers, including companies both domestically and internationally for non-commercial, research purposes, and thus far has distributed over 200,000 plasmids to researchers in over 45 countries.



Plasmid Storage in the Brooks BioStore Freezer

Once fully sequence-verified, plasmid data is entered into DNASU and the samples are put into 2D barcoded tubes and entered into the Brooks BioStore Freezer Storage System. he freezer itself is 13,073 pounds fully loaded with samples. It is about 17.5 feet wide, 8.5 feet tall and 8 feet deep. It can store 855,000 tubes. The BioStore allows us to store glycerol stocks of our plasmid sample collection and easily retrieve and track these samples for distribution. Its primary benefit is its ability to “cherry pick” samples from within the collection. This saves time, safeguards our samples from cross-contamination and human error, and ensures that researchers will be able to receive materials from the repository more quickly. Roll over the freezer image for a close up of the picking robot.


If you have any questions about orders, or require assistance to find a plasmid within the repository, the scientific liaison is available to answer your questions by email.



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