DNA Sequencing

Manager: Joseph Miceli, Ph.D.

Team: Kristina Buss, Lisa Miller

The DNASU Sequencing Core Facility within the Center For Personalized Diagnostics offers Next Generation Sequencing services on the Illumina HiSeq 2000 and the recently added MiSeq platform. You can read about HiSeq system on the Illumina website here and view our processing pipeline on our core website. This technology offers scientists and researchers both within ASU and worldwide the ability to perform a full range of Genomic applications including Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), RNA-Seq, exome sequencing, CHIP-Seq, Targeted Resequencing, de novo sequencing, and amplicon sequencing. 

In addition the sequencing core provides Sanger Sequencing for purified DNA and glycerol stocks. The facility uses Big Dye V3.1 chemistry with samples processed using an Applied Biosystems 3730XL Sequence Analysis Instrument. The facility can accept both small (<48 samples) and large (>48 samples) projects. However, the facility specializes in large (more than 48 samples) projects. Turn-around-time for sequencing reactions less than 48 samples will be dependent on sample queue. We will make every effort to turn these around as quickly as possible. Sequence data is posted on our secure website for users to download and analyze. >> VISIT DNA SEQUENCING WEBSITE



Examples of projects within our center that have taken advantage of Next Generation Sequencing include:
  • A research project using Next-Gen Sequencing to identify gut microbiome changes in autistic children.
  • Sequencing plasmids that did not fully sequence the first time (for example, because they were too long) in collaboration with the Production Team
  • Exome sequencing and additional project with Dr. Valentin Dinu and Phoenix Children's Hospital