DNA Factory

Investigators: Jen Viloria, Michael Fiacco, and Shodhan Manda

Collaborators:  HighRes Biosolutions

The DNA Factory was developed in collaboration with HighRes Biosolutions. This unique system allows us to prep 4,600 plasmids in 72 hours with limited technician intervention. The system contains three fully articulated robotic arms, eight 37°C shaking incubators, one dual arm liquid handler, two automated centrifuges, two automated plate sealers, two bulk reagent dispensers, one automated plate peeler, one -20°C incubator, one ambient plate storage hotel, one six mode plate washer, and one plate reader. All devices are controlled by scheduling software and data is real-time tracked to internal and off-line database Laboratory information management systems (LIMS).


For more details about the DNA Factory, visit our NAPPA Core Website.