Yung Chang

Molecular Design and Biomimetics

Location: TEMPE

Contact Information
(480) 965-8672


  • Ph.D. University of Iowa 1988
  • M.D. Beijing Medical University 1983


My main research program has been centered on the study of lymphocyte development. The research projects in this area range from fundamental characterization of the V(D)J recombination process, an essential event in lymphocyte development, to exploration of our inducible leukemia model for identifying new targets for treating leukemia. Recently, by collaborating with photochemists, we have developed a novel fluorescence-based detection system to monitor the recombination cleavage reaction in real-time and provide the first quantitative assessment on coding end retention. This study sheds new light on the molecular mechanism that controls genome integrity during the recombination process.

We have also expanded our research scope and built two new translational research programs related to nanoscience and nanotechnology. In working with DNA-structural chemists, we have been exploring DNA-nanostructures to design and construct various immune modulating agents, which aims to create a new line of therapeutics and vaccines. Moreover, in collaboration with environmental engineers, we have developed several aquatic systems to examine the health and environmental impact of many commonly used nanoparticles.



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*: Co-corresponding author