Uwe Weierstall

Research Professor, RMY
Physics Department

Location: TEMPE

Contact Information
(480) 965-0426


  • Ph.D. Physics, Institute of Applied Physics, University of T�bingen, Germany 1994
  • Diplom in Physics, Institute of Applied Physics, University of T�bingen, Germany 1989

Research Interests

Serial Femtosecond crystallography, Single particle Imaging, Electron- and X-ray Diffraction, Scientific Instrument Design, 


Uwe Weierstall's research focuses on developing methods for structure determination of biomolecules with X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) sources. These X-ray sources produce very high intensity pulses of X-rays - compared to a regular 3rd generation synchrotron, the number of photons/second is larger by a factor of 10 billion and concentrated into a few femtoseconds. This increase in intensity allows structure determination from much smaller protein crystallites then the ones used in conventional protein crystallography and may even allow single particle structure analysis at high resolution from identical particles (e.g. viruses) where crystals cannot be grown. Professor Weierstall has been involved in XFEL science and the development of liquid jet sample delivery systems since the first XFEL experiments in 2008 at the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS).