Reed Cartwright

Associate Professor
Biodesign Virginia G Piper PD
BDI Associate Faculty
Biodesign ME

Location: TEMPE

Contact Information
(480) 965-9949


 Ph.D. University of Georgia 2006

Research Interests

computational evolutionary genomics, population genetics, biological theory, bioinformatics, biology education


Reed Cartwright is a geneticist who develops computational and statistical methodologies to explore evolutionary questions. Much of his research focuses on mutation  the raw material of evolution  and its impact on biological systems. Using techniques from biology, statistics and computer science, Cartwright and his research team use genetics- and genomics-based approaches to analyze mutation patterns in various organisms.

Professor Cartwright develops software that detects mutations from the genetic data of related individuals, focusing on next-generation sequencing technology. He also develops programs for sequence simulation, alignment, phylogenetics, and population genetics analysis. Using various computational approaches to scientific programming, he and his collaborators develop new methods that improve our ability to understand the evolutionary relationships between organisms.