Rebecca Jernigan

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Biodesign ASD
Arizona State University
BDI Affiliated Graduate
Biodesign ASD

Location: TEMPE

Contact Information

Research Interests


Rebecca is interested in the use of serial femtosecond crystallography to solve the structures of biomedically relevant proteins. Through the use of x-ray free electron laser (XFEL) technology, high-resolution structures can be determined to provide useful information for drug discovery and design. 


Cell transformation, growth, expression, and large scale (membrane and structural) protein purification (capA, gene product 9 T4 Bacteriophage) in E. Coli; purification of Cydia pomonella granulosis virus (CpGV) and jet testing; small scale purification of capBCA subunits; biophysical and biochemical characterization of a protein gene product 9, including sample analysis with Dynamic Light Scattering and NanoSight; SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis (Coomassie blue stain, silver stain, western blot), agarose gel electrophoresis; bioinformatics software for analysis; limited proteolysis; various crystallization techniques: sitting and hanging drop and analysis under microscope, femtosecond x-ray crystallography: sample preparation, sample loading with Gas Dynamic Virtual Nozzles (GDVN).