Ntombizodwa Makuyana

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Arizona State University
Arizona State University
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Biochemistry major and mathematics minor


"She" is Ntombizodwa Makuyana

Nights drag on and on. ?She? cannot wait any longer. ?She wants to be a great scientist who will stretch beyond limits to help others and make a difference in their lives,? ?She? muttered to herself. Each day, her  passion is developed and talent is still waiting to be used. Deep inside, ?She? feels that great responsibility is waiting for her. They told her harsh, discouraging words: ?Keep your feelings to yourself,?, but she remained focused and determined about her dreams. But how can she hide her feelings while each day Zimbabwean news report on young girls being raped, people dying from water-borne diseases and poverty punishing innocent souls.   ?She? has a dream.

Growing up ?she? developed into a visionary with enough skills to tackle every challenge. She has grown to be a perfectionist, an advocate and a lover of science. Time is never allowed to pass unoccupied; every spare moment is spent reading, learning, dancing and singing. ?She? developed an interest in studying sciences as they give her opportunities to explore her world. Through her hard work and perseverance, she was always the best female scientist at high school. Many adore her and look up to her. She is not mere dreamer but a fulfiller. ?She? has dreams of making women in her community independent, of helping disadvantaged children and of inspiring people to make a positive change.

?She? is a pen that leaves permanent marks, a pen that will write an inspiring book to someone. Poverty and diseases are caused by human action is her motto. Her nerves are always worn down when people?s day-to-day lives are spoiled by poverty, diseases and corruption.  The feeling of helping and inspiring is always in her. ?She? is Ntombizodwa Makuyana