Li Liu

Asst Professor
College of Health Solutions BM
Faculty Member
Personalized Diagnostics

Location: DTPHX

Contact Information
(480) 727-9813


  • M.S. Information System, New Jersey Institute of Technology 2001
  • M.D. Medicine, Peking Union Medical College 1999

Research Interests

Dr. Liu?s research focuses on developing and applying computational methods to advance precision medicine, with a special aspect of incorporating evolutionary and functional information in model construction. Via close collaborations with biomedical and clinical researchers world-wide, she aims to translate bioinformatics discoveries into improvements in patient care. Her past and current research projects include:

  • Development of a novel evolution-informed modeling approach to discover biomarkers for accurate prediction of treatment outcomes. This method has been applied to leukemia, prostate cancer, breast cancer and bladder cancer.
  • Optimization of anticancer therapy by understanding intratumor heterogeneity via subclonal reconstruction.
  • Multi-task learning to discover biomarkers for complex diseases in under-represented populations. This method has been applied to type-2 diabetes and Alzheimer?s disease.
  • Novel method for eQTL analysis with flexible LD structure and tree-guided group lasso. This method has been applied to inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Diagnosis of deleterious variants in personal exomes using evolutionary profiles. Methods have been developed for Mendelian diseases and differential drug responses.
  • Investigate evolutionary origins of human disease.
  • Assessment of biodiversity in immunoglobulin pools for autoimmune diseases.
  • Method development and analysis of metagenomics data.

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Dr. Li Liu is an assistant professor of biomedical informatics and the director of the Bioinformatics Core Facility at Arizona State University. She holds an MD in medicine and a master's degree in information systems. As a trained clinician and a bioinformatics researcher, she fully appreciates the critical roles genomic medicine and bioinformatics play in advancing precision medicine. By integrating genomic, phylogenetic, population genetic, statistical and machine-learning techniques, Dr. Liu and her research team investigate clinical and molecular signatures of human diseases, and develop novel computational methods to discover biomarkers for early diagnosis and accurate prediction of therapeutic responses for individual patients. Before joining ASU, Dr. Liu helped build and directed the bioinformatics core facility at University of Florida.