Emmanuel Soignard

Director Core Facilities Operations
Eyring Materials Center

Location: TEMPE

Contact Information
(480) 965-7242


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, University College London, London United Kingdom
  • Bachelor's Earth Science, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, Lyon, France


Emmanuel Soignard became the Eyring Materials Center (EMC) operations director in February 2018. The EMC is one of the Knowledge Enterprise core facilities at Arizona State University. The EMC is a multidisciplinary core facility initially established in 1974. It focusses on materials analysis, including biological samples, as well as materials synthesis, processing, and even high-pressure synthesis. The EMC has a world-renowned reputation in transmission electron microscopy.  It not only caters to ASU researchers but also researchers and engineers from other institutions and industry, and pride itself in the quality of its work and customer service. In this position, Dr. Soignard oversees a team or experts and a suite of equipment but also provides research support himself.

Dr. Soignard's has been using a wide range of X-ray diffraction techniques since 1999, including synchrotron radiation based instruments. He also has built several Raman spectroscopy instruments including the one currently used in the EMC and has considerable spectroscopy expertise.

Dr. Soignard's research interest is in the area of materials under extreme conditions and in particular high pressure. He is interested in understanding the structural changes occurring in a material compressed to several 10s of gigapascals in a diamond anvil cell or a large volume press. As part of his work with EMC, he has collaborated on a variety of projects, for example, determining the peak metamorphic temperature of a rock using Raman spectroscopy of carbonaceous materials, and studying the changes happening in fingerprints on a substrate as a function of time using 3D optical profilometry.