OCTs Year 1

CSH has recruited highly qualified GRAs to help us explore the transformational promise of continuous physiological measurement to pinpoint the transition from health to disease through the clinical validation of data from consumer wearable devices.

lexy cook

Alexandra “Lexy” Cook

Graduate Research Assistant

Lexy Cook, RN, BSN, graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology & Society and earned her second Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University in Nursing. She worked as an intensive care nurse at Duke Hospital and is now pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree in Family Practice at Arizona State University. Lexy is participating in research for Project HoneyBee, validating self-monitoring devices against intrathoriacic impedance measurements from implantable cardiac devices for self-monitoring of heart failure with Dr. Heather Ross at Arizona Arrhythmia Consultants.

debra corley

Debra Corley

Graduate Research Assistant

Debra Corley, RN, BSN, is a graduate student in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at ASU. She is a research assistant for Project HoneyBee at the Center for Sustainable Health, focused on quantitative assessment of gait using inertial measurement units (IMUs) in normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH). Debra has 20 years of RN work experience in the areas of acute care neurology and cardiology as well as home health nursing. She is also an adjunct instructor for the Glendale Community College Registered Nursing program.

erin krzywicki

Erin Krzywicki

Graduate Research Assistant

Erin Krzywicki, RN, BSN, obtained her nursing degree from Abington Memorial Hospital, Dixon School of Nursing and completed her BSN at the University of Scranton. She is currently working on her DNP at Arizona State University, focused on the adult/geriatric population. She is currently serving as a research assistant on the observational clinical trial examining mobility and its effect on hospital readmission and glucose control in heart failure patients with diabetes.

ej milas

E.J. Milas

Graduate Research Assistant

E. J. Milas, RN, BSN, is a Doctor of Nursing Practice student in the Family Nurse Practitioner track at Arizona State University. He is a graduate of ASU’s College of Nursing and has been a registered nurse for 18 years. He has worked in critical care nursing and has been involved in clinical and medical affairs in pharmaceuticals, laboratory, and medical device development. E. J. is working with Dr. James Levine at Mayo Clinic – Arizona as part of an observational clinical trial, studying physical activity in diabetes patients.

alyssa smith

Alyssa Smith

Graduate Research Assistant

Alyssa Smith, RN, BSN, is a student in the Doctorate of Nursing Practice – Family Nurse Practitioner program at Arizona State University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Northern Arizona University and for the past 7 years has been working as a Registered Nurse at Scottsdale Healthcare on the Telemetry Unit, where she cares for patients with complex cardiac care needs. In addition, she is participating in research for Project HoneyBee, testing patient self-monitoring of atrial fibrillation using an ambulatory ECG device to assess the feasibility of patient-directed ECG monitoring for the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation.