Working with forward-thinking leaders, health systems and companies to form partnerships that will sustain health through improved outcomes at lower cost.

In addition to our original focus on the role of molecular diagnostics, our collaborative partnerships have begun to incorporate behavior as a key component in our ability to sustain health. In light of rapidly aging populations and the increased incidence of lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases, behavioral interventions have become a high priority for health systems around the globe.

Our goal to improve health outcomes at lower costs has remained unchanged. To sustain human health, we believe that health systems must shift their current focus from expensive and late-stage disease treatments toward more outcome- and cost-effective early detection and prevention strategies. In addition to our original focus on the role of molecular diagnostics for early detection, we believe that advances in information technologies and data capture devices will transform the efficacy-cost equation for health systems globally.