The Pathfinder Center is committed to addressing these issues through education and training the workforce of the future. Under the leadership of Dr. Lee Hartwell, efforts are focused on creating effective learning environments in three specific programs:

leeatforum1. Our Sustainability Science for Teachers (SSfT) course explores the challenges of sustaining human health and well-being due to human exploitation of natural resources and seeks sustainable solutions through science, technology, and society acting at global and local levels. To learn more, visit Sustainability Science Education at ASU.

2. Our Interdisciplinary Approaches for Innovating in Healthcare Technologies course is designed to provide advanced undergraduate and Master’s level students in Engineering, Nursing, and Business with an understanding of the evidentiary foundations of devices and how they relate to healthcare. Project HoneyBee, an interdisciplinary research project to validate wearable devices for clinical care of ambulatory patients in the home or hospital setting, provides the inspiration for this course.

3. We are identifying impactful learning environments for 21st Century Learning, by examining social and environment challenges to the human population which demand more educated societies and require higher order skills. Information technology is completely transforming the methods and goals of formal education. Educational institutions, employers and society at large have an unquenchable thirst for individuals who have real world training and are able to employ skills and knowledge, as well as technology to maximize success.

For all information regarding the Sustainability Science Education project, visit