Wired Uniform

Wired Uniform

May 13, 2004

May 12, 2004

A military camouflage outfit that includes embedded sensors, power sources and displays is one of two outfits ASU researchers are featuring at Wired Magazine’s NextFest in San Francisco, May 14-16. Key capabilities of the camouflage outfit include pathogen detectors, a flexible electroluminescent display and a fuel cell to power the equipment.

The camouflage outfit and a dance outfit are part of the ASU exhibit at NextFest, which highlights embedded electronics for fashion and wellness. Ghassan Jabbour, who is joining the ASU-Army Flexible Display Center, was invited to exhibit at NextFest, resulting in the ASU display. The overall project is a collaboration of the Arizona Biodesign Institute’s Applied Nanobioscience Center, the Flexible Display Center and the Herberger College of Fine Arts.


Written by: Joe Caspermeyer