The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University is an endorsed brand of Arizona State University and registered trademark. It is important to use both our name and logo correctly in order to establish and preserve trademark protections.

The following guidelines apply to all materials used or generated in the conduct of activities on behalf of the Biodesign Institute. This includes any activities that take place within Biodesign facilities or that receive Biodesign-provided administrative, operational or support services.

All materials, including emails, must contain a reference to our official full name: the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University.  All materials, with the exception of emails, must include a Biodesign Institute logo.



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The Biodesign Logo

Our logo is the graphic representation of our organization and all elements including color, typeface, proportion and positioning of elements meet highly specific standards that provide ASU and the Biodesign Institute with the mechanism for protecting the logo from use by others. Consistent use is therefore important for legal reasons, but—as importantly—this consistency builds visual recognition for the symbol representing our organization. Because our logo features the ASU symbol as an integral part of the logo and is approved by the University as an “endorsed brand,” it is not necessary to also include an additional ASU logo.  If there is reason to include both, such as for projects involving multiple ASU units, please contact the Biodesign Institute marketing department.

Key Logo Usage Rules

The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University logo cannot be altered in any manner from the approved versions for an endorsed brand as established by ASU.
Endorsed brands can be shown in the following color formats:

Maroon ASU, gold sunburst, white background field, black rule, black ‘Arizona State University” maroon “Biodesign Institute”

black and white

reverse(all white on maroon background)

No squishing or stretching: When placing the logo into documents, it is easy to accidentally change the proportion if you attempt to make it larger or smaller.  You must “constrain” the image proportions, which is done in most programs by holding down a control or shift key while sizing the image.

No color changes: The color of the logo cannot be changed beyond the approved versions available from the Communication Department.  Note that these correspond to the standards established by ASU in securing its trademark, so all endorsed brands must utilize these same standards. Please be aware that the logo uses a specific shade of “ASU Maroon” that is not to be altered, so do not attempt to colorize the logo yourself.

Using Center/Departmental names with the logo:

Using a center or department name in conjunction with the logo requires that you use the approved versions available from the Biodesign Institute marketing department.

Using the Biodesign name

It is important to use the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University name correctly in speaking and in writing. Lack of consistency could jeopardize our exclusive legal right to this name.

Always use our full name in the first reference with Arizona State University spelled out, e.g. “The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University.” On subsequent references, you can abbreviate or drop the ASU reference. You may also use “Biodesign” as a predecessor to describing one of our units or a person who works here: e.g. “Biodesign researcher Joe Johnson said…;” “Biodesign’s Center for XYZ is working on ...”

Never use an acronym or abbreviation, such as BDI or BI, even in casual reference. The shorthand for referencing our organization is “Biodesign.”  This ensures our key differentiator—our name—is continuously emphasized.

Note that “the” in our name is only capitalized when it’s the beginning of a sentence or in a stand-alone use such as a report title, and that Biodesign is one word with only one capital letter at the front.
The Biodesign Institute Annual Report
I am going to visit the Biodesign Institute.